Some time back when shadowy people managed to have this web site taken down for a brief time, I wound up losing all of the reder reviews I had collected up to that point.  I have gone back and tried to piece together the many kind things that so many of you have written about my books, but in the end much of what I have been able to come up with is the abridged version of a few of the reviews I use in one of my promotional pieces and 1 e-mail I hadn't errased from a friend who reviewed a copy of the manuscript for BOARDING SCHOOL.  So I am going to go ahead and post this information below and I ask that if any of you would care to re-submit your review to me, I will be happy to post it here once more so that others may share in your experience. 



You don’t know what emotions you have opened up in me.  I am 57 years old and I ran across your titles and checked out your website and bought both of your books.  I was not sure what I would get out it but your writing really hit home. 

I read “The Culvert” first.  I found it was closer to what had happened to me when I was in the 6th grade than your other book.  I was 12 when I had my encounter.  But about your book, I enjoyed reading “The Culvert”.  I felt so sorry for the boy and I found myself really rooting for him over how well he handled his adversities.  I was vey proud of him all the way through.  It was a great ending and a fantastic book. 

Next I read “Boarding School”.  I have to tell you that since reading it I can’t get the story out of my head.  Right away I found myself so wrapped up in your story that I read the book slowly so I wouldn’t miss anything.  My plan was to spread the experience out over an entire week, but once I reached Chapter 11, I had to find out how your story turned out so I read into the night until I had the book finished.  As a result, I only got about 5 hours of sleep that night and the next morning I had to go off to work tired but it was worth it.  I couldn’t walk away.  You go into such detail and I was so touched by your experiences and the experiences of your roommate.  By the way, early on I figured I had the ending pegged, but your story took so many unexpected turns, you kept me guessing all the way to the end. 

One of the reasons why I wanted to write you was to tell you what a fantastic writer you are.  As a survivor myself, though what I went through was not as severe as what either of your protagonists had to deal with, the detail in your description really got my emotions running.  And yes, I even shed a few tears while I read.  Now that I’ve finished, I sit around my house and I keep turning it all over in my mind again.  Do you plan to write any more books?  I want you to know that I will keep an eye on your website and if you do write any more books, I will buy them.  

Once again, thanks for the books.  They really did a lot for me.  I am a fan of your writing. 

THE CULVERT                                        BOARDING SCHOOL


From Mitch

This is hard for me to admit, but I was in tears and very moved by the end of your book.  You have a cinematic eye for description and your writing style is distinctly American, much in the same way that can be classified for a Steinbeck or a Hemingway or even to a greater degree a William Faulkner as evident from your seven page description of Will "getting himself back together again" after his vigorous and most disturbing assault.  Throughout my reading of your book, I found myself wishing that the reader could have a say in determining the fate of your villain because, kid or no, given the opportunity  I can assure you that I would certainly want to come up with something for him which would be most unpleasant!    

From the standpoint of establishing empathy and sympathy for your leading character, you have more than clearly accomplished your task as a writer in that it was most cleverly and skillfully done.  Throughout the story I was genuinely concerned for his well being and at your climax, I nearly had heart failure!  My hearty congratulations for a well written and unusual book. 

From Kevin

(An old prep school buddy)

I love it!  It's hard to put down.  This is a great work.  After reading most of the afternoon and evening, a voice in the back of my head told me to put the book down and go to bed so I could get enough sleep for work tomorrow.  But I didn't listen.  I kept reading into the wee hours until I had finished the whole thing.  It was that good!

This book needs to be required reading for every teacher and parent and teen ager and school administrator, as well as clergy, psychologist, social worker, police officer, and everybody else who cares about kids. 

I am extremely proud to know someone who is capable of such phenomenal work.  I give you an "A+" with Honorable Mention and dinner with the Headmaster.  I think the real HEADMASTER is probably pretty happy with what you've done here, too. 

From Jeannie E.   

Dear Clint,

I absolutely loved your book and I can hardly wait to read your next one!  I think the book was written to perfection.  The contents of the book kept me spellbound after I read the first few pages.  I could not put the book down until I finished. 

I feel every parent should read this book.  It will help them to read and understand their children's lives.  It should also be required reading for Counselors and school teachers. 

I'd like to sum the book up in a few short words - fantastic, great, superb! 

From Randy

Very good!  It was a deeper book than I expected.  I was surprised at the direction your story took. 

From Brad

This book was a VERY interesting read.  I couldn't believe some of the things that were done to the main character in the book.  I really got into this book a lot and felt what the main character felt every step of his harrowing journey. 


From Bill

THE CULVERT written by Clint Adams is a powerful story about abuse.  From start to finish it had me on the edge of my seat, not able to answer the phone or go out to visit friends.  The boy involved in this incredible story went through hell and back.  At times I just wanted to jump in there and help him.  The writer knows how to make this book a great experience.  The ending made my heart beat faster and faster, the tears just flowed from me, yes it's so very powerful.  The ending is so great, and I said to myself, "Thank God for that".  Read this book.  You won't be sorry. 



From G.S. 


I just finished reading this book today.  I only started reading it the day before yesterday and I had a time putting it down when I needed to.  I must start off by saying this:  anyone considering reading this book be warned!  This book is very intricately choreographed and detailed.  Mr. Clint Adams certainly does not hold back in this book, which in my opinion is awesome.  I find it refreshing that someone finally writes about his experiences so openly instead of purposely leaving everything to the imagination of the reader out of fear that someone will learn the details of their experiences.  Mr. Adams obviously worked very hard on this book and from what I understand it took him 5 years to write it.  I believe it, thought.  The words in this book not only describe actions deeply and openly, but they further manage to capture the thoughts of these desperate, abused boys so efficiently that reading almost seemed the same as living through it with those boys.  Having dealt with many similar experiences myself - minus the psycho boarding school and the big business conspiracy - I found that I was able to channel myself into the minds of these boys.  And Adams' words managed to evoke feelings within myself that I have not felt in years - feelings both good and bad. 

For anyone who wants to have a better understanding of what it's like to go through such things as sexual abuse, physical abuse, drug abuse or all of the above, this book contains it all.  Like I said before, you need to read this book with an open mind and prepare yourself for an emotional coaster ride that you cannot imagine.  When you read this, you will understand the horrors of such a life, but you'll also come to understand how truly deep one friendship can get.  The two main boys in this story who deal with these tribulations are put through an unknown level of earthly hell together, but they somehow grow closer and closer throughout the entire book, to a point that they can prove to the reader that in all honesty, greater love hath no man than he who is willing to give up his life for his best friend, just as the Bible says. 

If you decide to read this book, you'll definitely have mixed emotions afterwards, but you will also come to grips with the cold reality that things like this DO happen in real life to real boys and girls.  It is definitely worth the read.  I recommend it very highly if you want to read about such experiences without being fed the constant psychobabble bull crap you read in other books dealing with this particular subject matter. 



From Scott

Before I started I thought that BOARDING SCHOOL at times would be difficult to read, but I also thought it would be interesting.  But I soon discovered I was unprepared for many parts of your story.  In particular, I was surprised when I learned that organized crime was involved with your school. 

Clint, I find your writing style to be easy to read.  I feel that you have done a great job at evoking the emotional response in your readers that you probably intended.  I enjoyed the funny bits.  They made me laugh uproariously.  And the evening you spent alone with your date Ellen, I could comprehend even the barest glimmers of what you must have felt.  But frankly I think it's astonishing that you managed to survive the rest of it.  

Any reasonable mind tends to pull away from the blunt force of evil when it appears, out of a sense of psychological self preservation, so it is possible, I suppose, that some readers who have never been through such an ordeal may not fully understand the meaning of your writing at first.  But your story is a must read for all concerned adults in our society. 

As I said, I like how you write.  You are very good at putting the reader into the moment.  It is true that at times this book was distressing to read, yet throughout the experience I felt compelled to read on so I could know how things turned out in the end.  Through it all, I just couldn't imagine what it must have been like for you to go through the things you write about.  As I read, I went from wanting to cry to wanting to rip someone's head off.  Other times I just sat in my chair trembling and although I am not a violent man by nature, I imagined myself walking into the situations you were describing carrying a nail studded baseball bat.  I wanted to kill them all where they stood!

If anyone ever tells you that you don't know what it is like to be a soldier in battle, it is my belief that you could answer back, "Yes I do."  Really, you were like a P.O.W. in that place.  I have great respect for you for your courage and for the selflessness you showed toward the other young boys who were with you in the circumstances you describe in BOARDING SCHOOL.  I may have more for you about my thoughts later but it is late, well actually it is now early, and I am tired.  Your writing has put me through an emotional whirlwind and I now find myself drained. 



From Harry

I finished it last night.  As powerful as the book was for me, after I began to read it, I couldn't put it down.  The upwelling of emotion I felt at the completion of the story was so momentous that I barely got any sleep last night.  Clint Adams brings every nuance and every detail together in the completion of his tale for the reader.  It is a book that leaves one questioning one's knowledge and beliefs about the state of our civilization.  And to think that all this happened just up the road from me. 

Just when you think events can't get anymore intense, Adams writes on!  And as in THE CULVERT, his characters are people the reader comes to know personally, even the ones you might wish you never met.  By the time you get to the end of one of this writer's amazing and provocative works, something has happened to you on a very profound level.  Even the most stoic visitor to the BOARDING SCHOOL story will be visibly and permanently moved by this work.  If this book doesn't sell millions, then maybe there is something perplexingly wrong with our society. 



From Randy M.

The story of this book can be summed up in one word:  SURVIVAL.  Two teenaged boys go to a private boarding school in New England and soon fall victim to physical abuse, sexual abuse and are forced to become hooked on drugs at the hands of a secret society of older students who seem to be able to do whatever they want without fear of being caught.  Later though, the reader discovers that what at first seems like a twisted right of passage actually is an integral part of a far larger and far more sinister international organization.  As the story advances, the two boys become close friends by supporting each other through the ordeal. 

The main story is told by the writer.  Names are hidden to protect the guilty from retribution and lawsuits.  Those who may criticize this book need only to turn on the news and see story after story to know that stories like this are not works of fiction.  There is no Hollywood ending to this book, but there are many twists in the plot and it is a must read.